Life’s Lesson #252

10 Jan

Even just your head will feel too heavy for your own shoulders at times, but you must persevere.



Life’s Lesson #184

10 Jan

The world will never know your thoughts if you don’t open your mouth.


Life’s Lesson #376

10 Jan

A little meditation can go a long way.


Life’s Lesson #183

10 Jan

Sometimes looking at the world from a different angle is all you need for it all to make sense.


Life’s Lesson #204

10 Jan

There will always be those that will make fun of you, you don’t have to like it, but you will have to live with it. Try to consider yourself loved when those people happen to be your own family.


Life’s Lesson #317

10 Jan

My sister was & will always be my first & closest friend.


Baby Review Intro

13 Dec

When Hubby & I found out we were expecting, Borders Book Store happened to be shutting down & offering huge discounts.  I went with the intention of buying anything baby/pregnancy related that I thought would be helpful.  There wasn’t a whole lot of use left, but I did get an Anne Geddes “First Five Years” baby book, (the same kind I had gotten for MonkeyFace & PunkBoy12+ years ago) and a “Getting Ready for Baby” Organizer.  One thing that stuck out as new to me was “Baby Bargains” (I bought the 8th edition – but the 9th edition is now available).  I seemed to recall seeing somewhere that this was the be all & end all in baby product advice & quickly snatched up the last copy.

As I went through Baby Bargains, making notes & tagging pages – I realized that some of the book’s priorities was exactly the information I was looking for, but others weren’t exactly the same as mine.  Here I’d like to provide my review of the thousands of dollars worth of baby supplies we’ve spent over the last year – and I’m sure, the thousands of dollars worth we’ll spend in the coming years.  I love to rant and I love to rave, what better way than to do it in print so that others can benefit!

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