Archive | January, 2012

Life’s Lesson #252

10 Jan

Even just your head will feel too heavy for your own shoulders at times, but you must persevere.



Life’s Lesson #184

10 Jan

The world will never know your thoughts if you don’t open your mouth.


Life’s Lesson #376

10 Jan

A little meditation can go a long way.


Life’s Lesson #183

10 Jan

Sometimes looking at the world from a different angle is all you need for it all to make sense.


Life’s Lesson #204

10 Jan

There will always be those that will make fun of you, you don’t have to like it, but you will have to live with it. Try to consider yourself loved when those people happen to be your own family.


Life’s Lesson #317

10 Jan

My sister was & will always be my first & closest friend.


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